September 10, 2009

Goodmorning Sunshine!

It's pretty early for me. Well, not anymore.. I typically get up at 8 am for a 9:30 class. However, today I was supposed to have a meeting with my business professor, until he decided to cancel after I was completely dressed and ready to walk out the door to campus.
Now I have an extra hour to spare. Luckily I've killed 30 mins.

Thankfully every morning here at GCSU doesn't start at 7:00. Actually, I'm loving it here. I love my classes(except for statistics), loving the college atmosphere that Barnesville lacked, love my new apartment.. I could go on for a while.

Don't get me wrong, I miss Barnesville. I hate the traffic here in Milly. In Barnesville we only had like 2 redlights. That will tell you how much of an issue traffic was; We worried more about the train than we did the other cars on the road.
Also, I miss my close knit group of friends. I never realized how much I loved those boys, or how thankful I am to have started out at such a small school that basically forced us all to be friends. I'm not worried about meeting new friends; I'm doing pretty well so far in that department. I hope that I continue to make progress.

If I'm planning on eating something, I guess better start working on that now.
This new look on my blog probably will encourage me to update more often - homework willing. So check back more often, I should be updating more regularly now. Comment, and I'll update even more!


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